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Level One FSW-2450

Prezzo: €93,31 + IVA

FSW-2450         Versione H/W: 4

24-Port Fast Ethernet Switch
Provides 24 Fast Ethernet port connections
Supports a total backplane of up to 4.8Gbps
Wire-speed and non-blocking forwarding rate
Support IEEE 802.1P QoS (WRR 8:1)
Supports Auto-negotiation on all ports
Store-and-forward switching for error-free transmission
Supports full-duplex IEEE802.3x flow control
Accessory kit for mounting into a 19" server rack
Internal power supply

Product Overview
The FSW-2450 switch provides an ideal solution for small businesses that demand a reliable network switch that provides a high bandwidth interface between file servers and workgroups, departments and offices.

Advanced Networking Features
The LevelOne FSW-2450 is a wire-speed, nonblocking 24 port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Switch with an internal power supply. It provides a network with an 8K MAC address table, 4.8Gbps backplane throughput, asymmetrical flow-control support for full-duplex network connectivity, auto-negotiation and Auto-MDIX.

The 24-port Fast Ethernet Switch utilizes packet store-and forwarding switching for error-free data transmissions and IEEE802.3x backpressure flow control to control data flow between the sending and receiving nodes as well as to prevent any data packet loss.

Compact Design
The FSW-2450 is a compact designed network switch. Users can place the switch on any desktop area or mount it in a 19-inch server rack or cabinet by using the included rack-mounting accessory kit.

Quick Configuration and Easy Maintenance
The LevelOne FSW-2450 does not require any software configuration. It is Plug-and-Play enabled for quick set-up and immediate use within the Local Area Network. The 24 port Fast Ethernet Switch is equipped with a full range of LEDs for instant error detection, networking monitoring and network troubleshooting.

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